The synopsis of the seminars. Fees & terms.

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Globalization is flourishing, affecting increasingly more people and countries. Parallel to this, urbanization is on the increase, with more than half the population living in cities. These two trends create not only great challenges, but also solutions.

The trend to build smart and sustainable cities is growing stronger all over the world. 

Governments around the world have established goals to increase electromobility and the global market is booming. Vast opportunities are opening for cities and companies and new business models, technologies and applications are being developed continually.

The morning seminar will cover collaboration on testbeds and innovation within e-mobility and autonomous driving and how the latter two will affect the cities of the future.

The afternoon seminar will cover circular and sharing economies, their role in future urban development and how they can be used as tools for smart city development. If e-mobility and autonomous driving are to develop in a sustainable manner, it is crucial that cities develop circular economies and adopt sharing economy models.


Fees & terms

The seminars are free of charge.
Cancellation within less than 3 days of the start of the event will incur a no-show fee of 350 EURO.