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  • Ann-Sofie Hermansson
    Speaker name
    Ann-Sofie Hermansson
    Speaker occupation
    Chair of the City Executive Board, City of Gothenburg
    Speaker/speech summary
    2016- Chair of the City Executive Board, City of Gothenburg
    2011-2016 Local Representative, Swedish Social Democrats in the European Parliament, based in Gothenburg
    2009-2011 Member of the Chief Guardians’ Committee, City of Gothenburg
    2003-2009 Policy Advisor (Social Democrats), City Executive Board (working primarily for Göran Johansson, Chairman of the City Executive Board), City of Gothenburg
    1996-2003 Policy Officer, Swedish Trade Union Confederation, Stockholm
    1995-1996 Policy Advisor (Social Democrats), Prime Minister’s Office (working primarily for Mona Sahlin, Deputy Prime Minister), Stockholm
    1994 Political writer, editorial page of Swedish daily Aftonbladet, Stockholm
    1991-1995 Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Sociology, University of Gothenburg
    1984-1991 Factory worker, automotive industry, Volvo, Gothenburg
  • Mikael Damberg
    Speaker name
    Mikael Damberg
    Speaker occupation
    Minister for Enterprise and Innovation
    Speaker/speech summary
    Swedish Social Democratic Party
    Areas of responsibility
    • Industrial and innovation issues
    • State ownership of enterprises
    Positions and assignments
    Minister for Enterprise and Innovation 2014–
    Group leader,
    Social Democratic parliamentary party group 2012–2014
    Member of the Riksdag 2002– 2014
    Chair, Swedish Social Democratic Youth League 1999–2003
    Political Adviser, Prime Minister's Office 1997–1999
    Political Adviser, Ministry of Defence 1995–1997
  • Jack Ewing
    Speaker name
    Jack Ewing
    Speaker occupation
    Journalist The New York Times
    Speech title/theme
    Speaker/speech summary
    Jack Ewing writes about business, banking, economics and monetary policy from Frankfurt, and sometimes helps out on terrorism coverage and other breaking news.

    Mr. Ewing joined The International Herald Tribune, now the international edition of The New York Times, in 2010. Previously, he worked for a decade at BusinessWeek magazine in Frankfurt, where he was European regional editor. He first came to Europe in 1993 as a German Marshall Fund journalism fellow in Brussels, and wound up staying permanently.

    Mr. Ewing won a New York Times publisher’s award in 2011 for coverage of the European debt crisis.
  • Niklas Gustafsson
    Speaker name
    Niklas Gustafsson
    Speaker occupation
    Senior Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Volvo Group
    Speaker/speech summary
    As CSO of Volvo Group Niklas is responsible for the interface to society stakeholder within the areas of Sustainability and Corporate Affairs. Niklas is also responsible for the Volvo Group global representation offices in the main markets and world political power centers.

    In Volvo Group Niklas has held the following positions since 2008:
    Senior Vice President Public and Environmental Affairs, Volvo Group, 2008-2013
    Executive Vice President, Corporate Public & Environmental Affairs Volvo Group 2013-2014
    Chief Sustainability Officer, Corporate Sustainability & Public Affairs Volvo Group 2015-2017
    Chief Sustainability Officer, CTO Office 2018-

    Before joining the Volvo Group in 2008 Niklas worked at Volvo Car Corporation, 1987-2008.
    He held different positions at Volvo Cars mainly in the areas of electronics and engine development as well as several years within environmental engineering, communications and governmental affairs.
  • Frank Horch
    Speaker name
    Frank Horch
    Speaker occupation
    Minister of Economy, Transport and Innovation Hamburg
    Speaker/speech summary
    1969 - 1974 Studied shipbuilding in Hamburg
    1971 - 1974 Design engineer at shipyards Mützelfeld-Werft Cuxhaven and HDW-Hamburg
    1974 Joined Phoenix-AG as development engineer
    1980 Head of the central development department
    1984 Director of development and production
    1988 Member of the Supervisory Board of Phoenix-AG (representing managerial staff)
    1991 Appointed fully authorized representative of Phoenix-AG
    1993 Joined Friedrich Krupp AG
    1994 Plant manager, Hamburg-Harburg Krupp Kunststofftechnik (plastics)
    1997 Chairman of the Executive Board of Krupp Elastomertechnik
    2001 Chairman of the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp Elastomertechnik
    2005 - December 2007 Chairman of the Executive Board of Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH (mechanical engineering)
    January 2008 - May 2008 Member of the Executive Board of Blohm + Voss International GmbH (merger of company with Blohm + Voss Shipyards GmbH)
    April 2008 - March 2011 Member of the Executive Board of Blohm + Voss Shipyards & Services GmbH
    May 2008 – January 2011 President of Hamburg Chamber of Commerce January 2011
    March 23, 2011 appointed Senator
  • Kristina
    Speaker name
    Kristina Jonäng
    Speaker occupation
    Member of the The Regional Executive Board in Region Västra Götaland
    Speaker/speech summary
    Kristina Jonäng is a member of the The Regional Executive Board in Region Västra Götaland. She is also President of the Environment Committee in Region Västra Götaland.

    Kristina has a Bachelor Degree from School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

    She was chief of staff during 2006-2008 when mr Andreas Carlgren was Minister of Environment in Sweden.
  • Håkan Agnevall
    Speaker name
    Håkan Agnevall
    Speaker occupation
    President of Volvo Bus Corporation and a member of the Volvo Group Management.
    Speaker/speech summary
    Volvo Buses is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of buses and coaches and a leading provider of sustainable public transport solutions and are pioneering the development of future public transport systems based on electrical buses.
    Mr. Agnevall has previously held senior management positions with ABB and Bombardier in the fields of power systems, industrial robots and electrical powertrains. He has extensive international experience, having worked and lived in the U.S., Thailand, Brazil and Switzerland.
    Mr. Agnevall holds an MSc in Engineering Physics from LTH, Sweden and an MBA from IMD, Switzerland.
    Date: 2018-02-23
    Time: 10:05
  • Malin Ripa
    Speaker name
    Malin Ripa
    Speaker occupation
    Senior Vice President CSR Management, Volvo Group Headquarters
    Speaker/speech summary
    Malin is the head of the Corporate Responsibility for the Volvo Group. CR to the Volvo Group means Responsible business behavior throughout the value chain as well as manages the Group’s corporate citizen program. She is responsible for steering and follows up on the CR work as well as coordinating the activities, plans and reporting to stakeholders. The responsibility also includes reporting and communication with stakeholders to understand their expectations, identify societal trends and related external and internal risks which could influence Volvo Group’s ability to operate successfully.
    Malin has been with the Volvo Group for 14 years. Before joining the Group she held a position as a Managing Director for a company providing post-secondary education.
    She holds an MSc in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure as well as a Master in Business Administration (MBA).
  • Jan Hellåker
    Speaker name
    Jan Hellåker
    Speaker occupation
    Program Director of Drive Sweden
    Speaker/speech summary
    Mr. Jan Hellåker is the Program Director of Drive Sweden, a national strategic program launched by the Swedish government to design the next generation mobility based on connected, self-driving and shared vehicles.
    Prior to joining Lindholmen Science Park which is the host organization for Drive Sweden, Jan spent 25+ years in advanced vehicle research within the Volvo Group. He was also the founder and first CEO of WirelessCar, a leading telematics service provider.
    Jan started his career with Ericsson, and earned his M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology.
  • Emma Öhrwall
    Speaker name
    Emma Öhrwall
    Speaker occupation
    Human Ecologist and Co-founder Collaborative Economy Gothenburg
    Speaker/speech summary
    Emma Öhrwall is a Human Ecologist and she's the Co-founder of the non profit organization Collaborative Economy Gothenburg, who run the Smart Map (Smarta Kartan). Emma is established in the grassroots movements where she enables the rise of Bike Kitchens, Repair Cafés and Makerspaces etc.
    She's a wellknown lecturer about the return of "access before ownership".
    - Nominated as 1 of 33 talents, who sets the sustainability agenda (Aktuell Hålbarhet)
    - 1 of 100 opinion makers with the greatest power in social media within sustainability (SB Insight).
  • Robert Missen
    Speaker name
    Robert Missen
    Speaker occupation
    Directorate-General for mobility and transport
    Speaker/speech summary
    Originally from Oldham, England Robert is a career civil servant with the European Commission in Brussels, having joined in 1986.
    For over twenty years he has worked in the Directorate General responsible for Transport, with legislative experience in land, air and maritime sectors.
    Following the events of 11 September 2001 he worked in transport security, originally in aviation security where he was directly involved in the development and adoption of all E.U. legislation in that field. In September 2010 he was promoted to the post of Head of Unit responsible for Maritime and Land Transport Security.
    In October 2016, as part of an internal reorganisation of DG MOVE, Robert took over as Head of Unit for transport research and innovation.

  •  Kes Mac Cormick
    Speaker name
    Kes Mac Cormick
    Speaker occupation
    Associate Professor and Assistant Head at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University, Sweden.
    Speaker/speech summary
    Kes works in the fields of sustainability, governance, cities and greening the economy. I have participated in European, Swedish and Australian research and innovation projects, and since 2004, I have produced over 100 publications in a diversity of formats and presented at 50 international conferences. I am the program coordinator for Sharing Cities Sweden – a national program for the sharing economy in cities.
  • Wang Zhixiong
    Speaker name
    Wang Zhixiong
    Speaker occupation
    Doctor of Economics
    Speaker/speech summary
    Vice Chairman of 11th All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
    Honorary Vice President of 9th China National Statistical Society
    Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
    Vice Chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Shanghai Committee
    Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce
    President of Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce

    Deputy Governor of Jinshan District and Head of Statistics Bureau in Shanghai during 2003-2012
  • Martin Savén
    Speaker name
    Martin Savén
    Speaker occupation
    Martin Savén, Public Policy Manager, Uber Sweden
    Speaker/speech summary
    Martin joined Uber in early 2016 and has worked with Uber's Public Affairs and Public Policy needs since. Before joining Uber, Martin completed a Master's Degree in Public Policy at Oxford University. Prior to Oxford, Martin worked for almost 5 years as a political advisor to the Moderate Party, first at Stockholm City Hall for the Vice Mayor for Traffic, and subsequently a year working for the Moderate Party Majority Whip. Martin also holds a Business and Economics Degree from the Stockholm School of Economics.

  • Kerstin Enochsson
    Speaker name
    Kerstin Enochsson
    Speaker occupation
    Vice President Corporate Strategy & Project Office – Volvo Car Group, Sweden
    Speaker/speech summary
    Responsible to develop the corporate strategy and strategic directions
    Lead a team that drives strategic change management projects within the global commercial organisation “Global Consumer Experience”
    Nov 2007 – Oct 2015 Senior leadership positions within Volvo Construction Equipment, Sweden
    In charge of Volvo CE’s spare parts business
    Lead major change projects for the attachment and aftermarket business
    Feb 2003 – Oct 2006 Corporate Strategy department Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany
    Project manager
    Oct 1999 – Dec 2001 McKinsey & Company, Germany
    Strategy consultant
    Educational Background
    ESCP-EAP European School of Management, France International MBA
    Freie Universität, Germany Masters Degree in Law
  • Sture Portvik
    Speaker name
    Sture Portvik
    Speaker occupation
    Project Manager for Electro mobility in The City of Oslo, Agency for Urban Environment.
    Speaker/speech summary
    Project Manager for Electro mobility in The City of Oslo, Agency for Urban Environment.
    Master in political science, and a bachelor in macroeconomics and communication. Specialization: Economic policy in South Korea.
    Previous positions:
    City of Oslo: Head of Communications at the Munch Museum, Deputy Manager Art and Culture, Manager Sponsorships Arts and Sports, Advisor Tourism and Business Development.
    Korea Trade- and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA): Advisor, export and foreign direct investments.

  • Speaker name
    Naoual Loiazizi
    Speaker occupation
    Policy advisor sustainability for the municipality of Dordrecht
    Speaker/speech summary
    Naoual Loiazizi functions as a policy advisor sustainability for the municipality of Dordrecht, with the focus on circular economy. She has a Master Degree in Public Administration at the Free University of Amsterdam (2013). Her interests lie in the field of how the government can contribute to social and environmental issues with a big impact, such as the transition towards a new, sustainable society.
    Naoual will be introducing the Dutch City Deal Circular City during the seminar, a collaboration of nine Dutch cities, three ministries and other partners who are involved in the circular economy. Our ambition is to move all participating cities towards circularity no later than 2050, an ambition that the Dutch Government has set in their National Program on the Circular Economy.
  • Anna-Karin S. Öjerskog
    Speaker name
    Anna-Karin S. Öjerskog
    Speaker occupation
    Speaker/speech summary
    Since more than 10 years, Anna-Karin S. Öjerskog is an esteemed moderator specialized in society, sustainability and leadership.
    Previously, she worked as Office Manager at Semcon and Industry and Tourism Manager at the Municipality of Lilla Edet. Through her broad experience, as a leader in both private and public organizations and as a professional sports woman, Anna-Karin has developed an ability to understand the everyday challenges facing the audience.

    Anna-Karing is a World Champion in sailing and was awarded Sailor of the Year by the Swedish Sailing Federation.

  • Stefan Eglinger
    Speaker name
    Stefan Eglinger
    Speaker occupation
    Director Urban Transport Administration City of Gothenburg
    Speaker/speech summary
    Stefan Eglinger has had a number of leading roles in both municipal and govermental activities. Common to the assignments is that he worked with business and organizational development linked to infrastructure and urban development. Eglinger has extensive experience of collaboration between public and private actors.

    He has a great deal of commitment to creating public spaces with good quality, a coherent, cleaner and quieter city, focusing on those who use the city.
  • Leonardo Rosado
    Speaker name
    Leonardo Rosado
    Speaker occupation
    Assistant Professor at the Architecture and Civil Engineering department at Chalmers focusing on the Urban Metabolism field
    Speaker/speech summary
    Leonardo Rosado is an Assistant Professor at the Architecture and Civil Engineering department at Chalmers focusing on the Urban Metabolism field, in particular using a holistic approach to develop methods to study all resource flows of cities. Leonardo Rosado has developed a groundbreaking method to account for materials in urban areas – the Urban Metabolism Analyst. The main goal is to study cities to provide valuable information to stakeholders on different levels: circular economy, waste management, urban planning, industry and households.
  • Pieter van de Glind
    Speaker name
    Pieter van de Glind
    Speaker occupation
    Global expert in the field of sharing & platform economy
    Speaker/speech summary
    Pieter van de Glind is an independent global expert in the field of sharing & platform economy. He advises governments, businesses and platforms worldwide through his social enterprise ‘shareNL’ and his foundation called ‘Sharing Cities Alliance’. Over the past years Pieter gave 200+ presentations in cities like Paris, Singapore, New York and Tokyo. He is also the co-author of a business book called ‘Share.’ With new technologies emerging, Pieter and his team guide their ecosystem of businesses and governments to continuously balance between (hu)man & machine. Their purpose: ‘reshaping the way we live, work and play.’


  • Ulf Kamne
    Speaker name
    Ulf Kamne
    Speaker occupation
    Deputy Chair of the City Executive Board and Deputy Mayor of the City of Gothenburg
    Speaker/speech summary
    Ulf Kamne is Deputy Chair of the City Executive Board and Deputy Mayor of the City of Gothenburg, leading the work on climate and environment and city planning. He has been chair of the Planning Committee as well as the Property Management Committee. Ulf worked as an environmental consultant and has his background in the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, where he worked with consumerism and ecolabelling.

  • Eilert Johansson
    Speaker name
    Eilert Johansson
    Speaker occupation
    VP Business and Innovation area Mobility at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
    Speaker/speech summary
    Eilert Johansson, VP Business and Innovation area Mobility at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is born in Lysekil and holds a MSc in electrical engineering from Chalmers University. Eilert Johansson has previously been Technology Area Director Electrical and Embedded systems at AB Volvo in Göteborg. He also works in several steering boards – Drive Sweden, Forum for Transport Innovation and the committee for software intensive systems at SSF. Eilert also leads the well-known digitalization project about 5G and mine automation – PIMM.